Monday, July 12, 2010

American Idol Family

Guest post brought to you by Tim Mundi

My wife and I limit what our nine and twelve year old daughters can watch on the TV since we don't want them to grow up thinking the television set is another member of the family. We let them watch a few shows in their age range and they enjoy watching American Idol with us. I think we all agree that it is by far our favorite show of all. It allows us to spend quality time together enjoying family programming with one another. We enjoy guessing who is going to sing what song, what genre will be picked for the following week, and who will be voted off the next evening. Sometimes we will actually deliberate and cast a vote ourselves but more often than not, we leave that to the other viewers.

Our favorite winner so far is Carrie Underwood but there are plenty of others who we enjoy listening to as well. Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze are both favorites in our house as well, and we do enjoy past contestants such as Jason Castro and Melinda Doolittle. While we don't always enjoy the musical guests on the Elimination show, we do enjoy the commercials the contestants make and we are always looking up their songs on iTunes. One thing I am grateful for is the package we have the direct tv channel lineup, and we can DVR the shows, since they do tend to run over. We are already looking forward to next season!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My bff’s and I are going to have a date this coming Saturday. We haven’t seen each other for almost 48 years LOL (just kidding). All of us are excited because we are going to watch Eclipse. We are not going to miss this film for anything, right girls? Team Edward or Team Jacob, which team are you?

Boost Your Site

I am thinking of launching a new blog site and I may need some new templates. One of my friends refers me to free link building tools. I am super excited because I can really use it and this will improve and help me promote my soon to be very own website.

They also have a free registration account for beginners like me. Pretty good I might say. I can’t thank my friend enough for introducing me to this company.

My Favorite Programs on TNT

Posting by Alex Mosel

I watch TV shows and movies on directtv via satellite dish. One of my favorite channels to watch is TNT. I watch movies on TNT, as well as shows like The Closer and Memphis Beat.

I love watching movies on TNT. Their slogan is "We know drama", and I think they provide a great range of dramatic movies and action movies. They often play old favorites that I've enjoyed for years, such as Titanic, Misery, and A Few Good Men.

The Closer is my favorite TV show on TNT. Detective Brenda Johnson is funny and likable. I also like that she's from a Georgia town not too far from where I grew up. Detective Provenza is also fun to watch. The storylines are easy to follow and my favorite part of every show is watching Brenda interrogate her suspect.

Memphis Beat is a new show on TNT. I watched the pilot episode last week and I plan to watch again this week. Alfre Woodard is one of my favorite actresses, and I'm glad that she's returned to television.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Warcraft Td's

Just done playing td with hubby in battlenet, I kicked his behind once again nyahaha. He is doing pretty well though. He keeps telling me that I am ruthless but hey it’s a game and I don’t want my ass kicked like what he did to me yesterday. He’s the one who teach me how to play those td’s, and it’s literally his fault teaching me ROFL. Goodnight everyone.

My Ipod

This guest post compliments of Stacey Merket

Technology is changing every day. There are so many new and exciting things on the market that it is very hard to keep up with them all. What I did to ensure that I will be able to keep up with everything that is going on with technology is that I recently signed up for direct tv and clear internet. I recently purchased my very first iPod. The iPod is the greatest thing I could've ever purchase. I am able to listen to all of my favorite songs whenever I want to. I went on the computer and I downloaded a variety of my favorite songs. I really enjoy working out having my iPod in my ear. You can take it everywhere it is so mobile. It is hard to believe that something this small can hold so much on it. The really cool thing about owning in iPod is that when I'm at home and I want to listen to it and not be bothered with having it plugged in my ears, it can put on the docking station. My boyfriend purchased the docking station as a Christmas gift because he thought I would really enjoyed having it to go along with the iPod. This is one thing that I would recommend for anyone who is a music lover. It is really cool when I'm in the car with friends and they are listening to music that I do not like, I just turn my iPod on and plug the ear phones in my ear and I'm jamming to my own music.