Monday, July 12, 2010

American Idol Family

Guest post brought to you by Tim Mundi

My wife and I limit what our nine and twelve year old daughters can watch on the TV since we don't want them to grow up thinking the television set is another member of the family. We let them watch a few shows in their age range and they enjoy watching American Idol with us. I think we all agree that it is by far our favorite show of all. It allows us to spend quality time together enjoying family programming with one another. We enjoy guessing who is going to sing what song, what genre will be picked for the following week, and who will be voted off the next evening. Sometimes we will actually deliberate and cast a vote ourselves but more often than not, we leave that to the other viewers.

Our favorite winner so far is Carrie Underwood but there are plenty of others who we enjoy listening to as well. Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze are both favorites in our house as well, and we do enjoy past contestants such as Jason Castro and Melinda Doolittle. While we don't always enjoy the musical guests on the Elimination show, we do enjoy the commercials the contestants make and we are always looking up their songs on iTunes. One thing I am grateful for is the package we have the direct tv channel lineup, and we can DVR the shows, since they do tend to run over. We are already looking forward to next season!