Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Greatest Birthday Present Ever!

Contributed by Wallace Stafford

I have always been a huge fan of Nascar but never was able to make it to a race because of work and my children. This year that would all change. For my my wife so kindly got me tickets to see the upcoming race last week. I was beyond excited, all I could do was kiss and hug her until she was sick of me! The day of the race I woke up really early due to the anticipation and I made a scrumptious breakfast for my wife and I. On the way out the door I shut all the windows, locked the doors and set the home security alarm(click here for Home Alarm Systems packages CA). People around here can be hard to trust at times. The ride was a little over an hour long but my wife made it fun and very entertaining. Once we arrived at the race way we found our seats and got food for the show. My wife is not really into racing but she made herself seem excited just to keep me in high spirits.