Friday, October 29, 2010

Bike commute advice from an expert

Guest post written by Colin Davis

Back when my dad started biking to work, he was the first person that I'd ever heard to do that near where we live. The streets also weren't as bicycle friendly so I thought he was kind of crazy. Well it ends up that he was just way ahead on the biking to commute trend that's really popular everywhere across the country now.

I recently decided that I'm going to start riding a bike to commute to work every day now so I was emailing back and forth with him asking about what kind of bike I should get and any other helpful info when i just happened across some direct tv internet deals and decided to take advantage of them after reading up on them.

Just like I expected, my dad had plenty of bike commute tips for me, including putting my briefcase into a waterproof backpack to wear whiel I ride so that none of my stuff inside of it would get messed up without sacrificing the professional look of carrying around a briefcase.