Friday, August 22, 2008

Sensible Shoes

I was really frustrated whole day today and I didn’t know why I was really mean to my hubby it kept getting worst and worst he thought I hated him. I have a headache and I know my period is coming. So instead of debating he took me to the mall cause I need to pick up my dress that’s been altered and then he found a pair of shoes that he thinks goes well with my dress and I wasn’t in the mood to like what he likes he felt they were cute lil black pumps with a heart shape rime stone decorative piece but I refuse to like it. Even the lady in the store insisted that it’ll be a sexy pair with the dress.

I knew hubby was upset that I would not accept his gift so I let him buy the shoes knowing on the way home I would then tell him how much I hated them and didn’t want him to buy them. He got more upset that I allowed him to buy them and would later tell him I’d never wear them.

You see, my day was really off key and I treat hubby so bad when all he wanted to do is make me happy. Don’t you girls have this moment too? right?


Anonymous said...

Sorry..never jud ko naka-experience ug ingon ana.

CheL said...

LOL Mers na ambot oi gsapot mn jud gud ko ug maau ghapon, nah as in hilak sd ko nga way hinungdan waaaaaaaaaaaa!