Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My very first trip!

When I first get here in January we landed in Vegas me and hubby stayed there for 3 days cause he wants me to see what the place looks like. We drove down to the new and old strip and they took me to the place where the ceiling show is. I was so surprised when I saw it. Everything is new and amazing to me it’s my first time to go out of my country. I saw allot in there in just 3 days too bad cause we need to pack our bags and start to drive. We left Vegas at 4 am cause we had to make stops on our way back to Denver and I have a chance to see the Grand Canyon and I did see it. Phew! That is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and I also have a chance to wave to the Petrified Forest and New Mexico (ha ha ha). I’m sure there’s still allot of places in this Country my hubby wants to take me….Bye for now and there’s more coming…:)