Thursday, June 24, 2010

The perfect Father's Day gift

Guest post from Alex Rawley

Shopping for a Father’s Day gift is always hard. My Dad seems to have everything! Instead of wandering aimlessly around the mall, finding one unsuitable gift after another, I decided to fire up my computer, log on to my satellite and internet packages, and shop online. No waste of gas and no tired feet.
My first website of choice was My Dad isn’t really a hunter or a big outdoorsman, but he does love nature and birds. Bass pro online had dozens of exotic, interesting bird feeders. I had a hard time choosing whether he would like a feeder that was whimsical or one that was more traditional. I found several I liked, especially a feeder shaped like an old railroad lantern, but decided to head over to another website.
My next stop was the Ace Hardware store at, Again I was looking for interesting bird feeders. Ace Hardware was the site I found the perfect Father’s Day gift. My dad is also extremely patriotic, and the birdfeeder painted in red, white and blue, with flags embellished on the side walls was the ideal choice.
Without having to shop any further, I got out my credit card and punched in the numbers. No gas was wasted, and I will have my perfect give in just a few days.