Monday, July 6, 2009

I Miss My Cat :(

I just want to share the picture of my Mingming. Unfortunately I lost him for more than a month now. I am hoping that whoever got him will take really good care of him. Hubby asked me if I want another cat but I don’t think I am ready to have one. Mingming is definitely one of a kind.


Analou and Bones said...

Oh, I feel sorry for what had happened. I know it is very hard to lost your favorite pet. Did you tried going to the animal shelter? Maybe somebody found him and brought it to the shelter or did you try to put flyers on the street about your cat? Maybe your Mingming is just out there. Hope you will find him. Take care my friend and God be with you.

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CheL said...

Hi ANN yes oi! skit jud ako dughn hehehe..I dont think mkita pa nku 2 sya ky soobra n jud bulan...Msta nmn ka dha?