Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yeah I am back I know I have to update this thing once in a while but since Mr. G remove my PR and I am back to zero I lost interest LOL (just kidding). I am just too busy farming that’s why ha ha ha! Honestly I really need to stop doing it I feel guilty because I am spending so much time in my farm than updating this thing.

Anyway I have to go for now and reply to all the bloggers that left a message in my tag board. Have a good Thursday afternoon everyone :)


merce78 said...

Hi chel!

Naa diay kay uma diha?bacin nanginahanglan ka ug trabahante,kay mangaplay ko.hehehe!

Miz na ta ka diri....aju-aju kanunay!

Analou and Bones said...

Hello Chel. MAny of my friends told me that farming is very addicting. that's why I will not trying doing it or else I will just play all day. Ingat friend.

CheL said...

Hello Te Merce yikes farming tawon s facebook ha ha dghn bya nabuang ani oi undng s ko ky na abndona na jud ni akng blog> Lgi te oi mgkita r jud unya ta puhon inig uli nku dha... HI AN na ayw nlng jud pa enroll ha ha..Salamat kaau s prming pg agi nmo dri s akng blog...INgat sd :)

S-H-Y said...

Wa so your a new addict in the farmtown..just add me girls in your neighbhour if it´s ok..

Momma Riza said...

Hi, yeah, I got hooked up with Facebook Farming too and I closed some of my blog because of it, but I already deleted my facebook because it's too addicting na, I can't even cook dinner. Oh, btw. I changed my links na po, from Riza Written to Crayons n' Pencils ( Thanks!!