Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Uninvited

Hubby let me pick the movie for tonight and I did choose one. I like scary movies so when I read the title I just told him to order it and he did. It was soo funny cause I keep jumping up in the couch and it would startled him each time I did that. Even my 19 years old step son was covering his eyes cause it scare’s him too and now I don’t want to go downstairs alone he he. If you have Comcast cable just look for it in the top pick session. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you guys just watch it for yourself and I’m sure you will going to scream. Have a sweet dreams people.


Anonymous said...

lingaw lagi...pero,mao pud na akong di ganahan,kay pagkahuman sa saleda,ang epekto magpabilin sa imoha.hehehe!

Gudnyt too!

Abbey Mae said...

I love horor movie too, but my hubby won't let me watch 'em. nyahahahhaha magbuot lagi nah, I'll look for that on On Demand section... thanks for sharing! See yah on Preggylicious BB Shower!

CheL said...

Hello Ate Merce maoh lgi oi labi pa na sobra ko ka talawan hehe! Your very much welcome sha mkuratan jud ka..It has a very surprising ending though. Tsege kita nlng ta s Sunday..THanks :)