Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy to see her

I can still remember my sister's face when she saw us pulled up in front of their driveway. She was stunned so surprised and her expression was priceless. I was soo scared of flying but when I saw her and spend time with her I told my self she's definitely worth it. The whole trip was a blast.

After a Long day of shopping


Arnie :) said...

nagkita na jud diay mo noh. parang pinagbiyak na bunga hehe,pero xempre mas sexy ang Mrs B.

take care and godbless.

CheL said...

Hi bhe lgi oi ngkta n jud tawon me.. Nah korek ms sexy c Mrs B. ha ha ha! Ty po s comment :)

katiebug said...

good to see you had fun in texas with your sis. parehas mo mga sexy and gwafa oi but i agree lamang jud ka mga napulo ka ligo, harharhar. u back in town yet?

CheL said...

Hi Ate Cin yep we're back in town na! Asus kdghn pa nga ligo apason s akong ate ha ha! See ya sa Sunday te :)