Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disney Dreams do Come True

We are now checking the hotels online for our Disney World vacation, I've read many great things about the Lodge, so if anyone out there has any pointers or input, I'd love to hear them. Thus far, my personal favorite Disney hotel has been the Caribbean Beach. But hey, I'm open minded enough not to get stuck in a comfort zone. Oh, we're also going in July..lots of important days in the month, with discount Disney tickets, we're going to go and have a few days of fun. It's my husband and I's anniversary, my daughter's birthday and my cousin's birthday. Seems like enough to warrant a little vacation! I wasn't particularly fond of the Enchanted Tiki show.

It definitely needed a new show, but it seems like it's a bit over-the-top now. Stitch's Great Escape...sadly, I liked it's predecessor much better. In their effort to bring in a Disney character, and relate the attraction better to the Disney brand, it lost a lot of it's appeal. If we ever go to Disney World with just the two of us again, we' love to visit Fantasy land for the most part. Great for taking some pictures for souvenir, but nothing worth the wait for adults like I claim to be. Strangely enough, we barely spent any time in the World Showcase. It wasn't that we didn't want to do any of it, so much as we didn't understand that there were things to actually do aside from walking endlessly.

Spaceship Earth needs some loving...it's high time they put forth some effort into updating it's technology to meet with the times. It broke down several times while we were on it...and as nice as the rest was, we were glad when the ride ended. Festival of the Lion King was enjoyable, but crowded as could be. It was rather difficult to see from where we sat, which happened to be behind a guy that seemed to be 7 feet tall, but otherwise, not bad at all. The Tarzan Rocks, though now gone from the park, was one of my favorites of the trip....something about a muscular man in a loin cloth was what I mumbled while I'm sleeping that night.