Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cancelled Flight

Due to some very personal reason Hubby and I just decided to totally cancel our flight to the Philippines. We were supposed to fly there next week May 18th but things change just like that; he wants me to go there by my self but I can’t leave him here. I don’t like the fact that I will be enjoying there and he works his butt off here. I know I will disappoint my family but I’m sure they will understand. I am kind of happy cause I am not comfortable being in the airplane and I hate turbulence. Maybe this trip is not really meant for us…Have a good day people :)


Reese said...

Thanks for dropping by Riza Written. I'm sorry you had to cancel your flight, it must have been sad and disappointing to decide on it, but what you said is true. Couples should have time away from each other, but overseas is kind of a different story, because it's not like he can reach you anytime he needs you by his side. You can always have a lot of opportunity to visit Manila. Have a nice week! =)