Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Road Trip

Did you ever try being in the road sitting in your butt for more than 16 hours? It feels like forever huh! Being on the road for me was exciting and fun cause you can see some scenic places, see what the other State looks like. But sometimes it gets really boring too like you can only see cornfields, cornfields, and cornfields (from Nebraska to Illinois) it was the largest cornfield I saw OMG it’s like a never ending one.

Hubby and I have a scary experience on the road while were on our way to Michigan, it’s like 2 in the morning and were still driving I fall asleep and doesn’t really know what’s going on, when I woke up he told me that there’s a car been following us since were in Indiana and that one really shakes me and there’s allot of what if’s in my mind. Hubby doesn’t show me any worries cause he knows I’m gonna freak out he just told me that maybe he’s drunk or etc etc. It really makes me nervous cause I saw the car behind us and every time my husband slows down from 70 to 35 mph to see if he would pass us but he don’t at first, then we moved into the left lane and braked hard soo he had to go pass us then we got behind him but he wouldn’t speed up to the normal speed limit soo hubby waited following him until he passed the next exit and he couldn’t get off but we could and hubby lost him. It was the safest thing to do besides hubby need to get gas hubby knew that it would be too late for him to follow us again. Thanks God were safe. It was a very scary experience but its not gonna stop us from doing our road trips again..:)


Anonymous said...

Kahadlok chel uy...
pero salig lang sa god.
Anyway,pagkatabi mo si hubby....feeling mo napaka safe mo di ba?even takot ka na.
or kahit s'ya,even natakot s'ya...pero andyan ka...nagiging strong sya,becoz of you.

Ingat jud and god bless!!!

sweetrio said...

Mga laagan man gud, mao nay mahitabo, hehehhe...Good night Dhay. Watch ka ug Olympic nindot kaayo.

CheL said...

Hello mga friends ty s comment,nah hdlok sya but mktwa sd ko nsbrahan lgi klaagan,LOL dear dabamehon unsa mn jud imong name oi?Te ler na was ko ntn aw oi la ko kblo unsa channeL....muahhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hello chel!I'm merce....thanks!