Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rest up

I just finished my daily chores and here I am again in front of my pc clicking here and there, Hubby and I don’t have any plans for today we’re tired from our yesterday’s adventure, plus hubby has lots of driving to do tomorrow with two clients to see for designs. So I am here doing my blogging thing while he is playing his online game (Warcraft). Speaking of Warcraft I am really addicted and become very good into it, I can even kick some ass including John (My hubby) which he is the one who teach me how to play and how to kick his butt (LOL).

Oh you probably are wondering what our adventure yesterday was. We have 3 Cities to gamble here in Colorado two of them are next to each other Blackhawk and Central City that’s where we been yesterday, it was raining up there but it doesn’t stop us from looking around for few different places just to find an older nickel slot machines, after trying two places we finally found the place that I want.. I don’t want to play for $1 one cause they will just going to eat your money right away while at the nickel slot you can play for a long time. We did have some fun and decided to quit while were ahead, ate our lunch there look around for a lil bit and drove home.

Have to go for now hubby wants me to play warcraft with him or maybe he just want me to kick his butt again (he he he). Have a good Sunday everyone....Ciaooooo


ArnieTed Padova said...

goodluck for playing. hope u win hehe.