Sunday, August 31, 2008

My day

We had a fun day today, my stepson’s were here with their girls they make hamburgers and brats for our dinner hmm and they bring dessert too. We were invited in a house warming party but we missed it which it’s ok cause hubby and me spend some quality time with his boys. We all watched movie together but we didn’t finish watching it cause they need to go. The youngest one and his girlfriend have a party to attend and the two boys just went home straight ahead. So it’s me and hubby here again (sigh) what a life hehe!
Well need to go for now people my sister is online.


jHeLea said...

at least sis you've got to spend time with your step sons and they have also spent time with you and their nga lang sad part talaga ang goodbyes

CheL said...

Hi Jhelea yep, nkkatuwa ksi prng mgkpit lng silng apat hehehe