Sunday, February 27, 2011

New napkin rings and wishful spring thinking

Guest post written by Colleen Marshall

I've kind of got cabin fever right now because I'm all played out when it comes to snow and it's too cold to really leave the house unless I have to. So I'm really just leaving the house for work now and enjoying being lazy around inside. But being stuck inside has me dreaming of sundresses and picnics. I thought that instead of just dreaming about them I might do some fun spring-y crafts that could be put to use in the coming months once the warmer weather does roll around

But if I'm going to go to all that trouble of making a craft, I thought that it would be best to make something that I know I'll use but that I already don't have one of. I went online to look at some of my favorite craft blogs for some inspiration about what I could make. While I was online doing that I ran across the website After I read a little bit of it, I ordered an internet package from it.

I found the idea to make napkin rings. Surprisingly, that was something that I don't have and I made them with some bright beads and they look like spring!